Helen has worked on a number of feature length films and TV series for Netflix, Warner Brothers, Miramax, and Apple+ including Luther:The Fallen Sun,

The Union, and Liaison. She is currently Assistant Art Director on the second season of The Sandman at Shepperton Studios.

From her Art Department experience and previous career in architecture and multidisciplinary design, Helen has many transferrable conceptual, technical,
and practical skills and much knowledge to inform her work in the film &
television industry.

Helen is fascinated by the way stories and their environments are presented on the small and large screen. She has a broad range of cinematic and televisual interests and tends to watch from a wide variety of genres, historical periods,

and geographical locations.

In 2021, Helen became a member of the British Film Designers Guild and in 2023, enrolled as a member of BAFTA Connect. She is based in London and

in the East Midlands.


helenashleydesign@gmail.com or 07732 176518.


Before working exclusively in the film & television industry from 2021, Helen worked in the UK and US in many two- and three-dimensional design fields. These include architecture, interior design, exhibition design, environmental graphic design, web design, illustration, and most recently, architectural retail design.

In 2012, her hand-illustrated cookery book Recipes from the Kitchen Drawer, was published by Square Peg (part of Penguin Random House).

Websites showing some of Helen's previous work can be found here: